21st Annual Scholarship Students

2016 – 2017

Christopher George Bucar
Nyemah Palmer
Bryanne Rose McEwen
Marc Edwards
Matthew Sanchez
Sarah Pais

If you were present at the six meetings, you will understand the difficult decision the Board Members have to make. The Board takes this responsibility very seriously. Many members have asked how we rate the students. The categories are: Appearance (neat,etc), Poise, Content, and Structure. The board does not discuss or compare their votes.

The ballots (folded) are given to Dan Yadesky. He is responsible for entering each ballot by Board Member into the computer. After the April meeting results, Dan clicks the total key and voilà we have six winners!

Special thank you to Emilia Peiffer and the senior class teachers. They have done a great job by bringing students that amaze us!

Matt Sanchez

Congratulations to Matt Sanchez, EABA March 2017 Student of the Month!

Carl Krzywiec, DataMatrix Systems, Inc. – Student Lunch Sponsor; Matt Sanchez – March 2017 Student of the Month; Roxanne Eichler – EABA President

Marc Edwards

Congratulations to EABA February 2017 Student of the Month, Marc Edwards.

Dr. Steve Bannister, Pro Physical Therapy, Student Lunch Sponsor; Marc Edwards, February Student of the Month and Roxanne Eichler, EABA President

Bryanna McEwen

Congratulations to Bryanna McEwen, EABA’s Student of the Month January 2017!

Bryanna McEwen, January Student of the Month, with Roxanne Eichler, EABA President






Deb Sawchak, Homes for Heros, Student Lunch Sponsor & Bryanna McEwen, January Student of the Month