James F. Filia Funeral Home & Cremation Services

Member Spotlight September 2013

James F. Filia Funeral Home and Cremation Services

354 Marguerite Avenue
Wilmerding, PA 15148

EABA Member Name: James F. Filia

The James F. Filia Funeral Home was purchased in December, 1979 by James and Mary Kay Filia from Elizabeth Dembec. Mrs. Dembec was operating the Stanley Dembec Funeral Home under a widow’s license after her husband, Stanley passed away in 1965. The funeral home went under the name of Dembec-Filia until 1981 when the name changed to James F. Filia Funeral Home. Toward the end of 2012, Kristen Richmond, a newly licensed Funeral Director, moved with her husband and two young children from Canonsburg, Washington County to Wilmerding to join filiathe staff. She is a 2001 graduate of Cannon McMillian high school and a 2003 graduate of the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science. Kristen also holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from the International Academy of Design and Technology. In addition, Andy Botti and Mike Trkula, both retired Funeral Directors, offer their services on a part time basis. Mr Filia and Kristen are grateful to have them as a part of their staff. James F. Filia Funeral Home offers traditional and non-traditional funeral services; cremation services ( added in 2011), pre-planning options and local grief resources. They offer personalized services and take care of all the details for you, from ordering the flowers to notifying Social Security on your behalf . They will help with arranging military honors for your Veteran and applying for other Veteran Benefits. This includes taking care of all insurance forms and authorizations. The funeral home is located beside St. Jude the Apostle Church. For further information check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/filiafuneralhome. Congratulations on being the EABA September Member of the Month.