New Steps Rehab, Inc.

Member Spotlight September 2012

Rita Arms Plaza
13898 Route 30
North Huntingdon, PA 15642

EABA Member: Peggy Bianchi

New Steps Rehab, Inc. is a Medicare certified out-patient rehab agency located in the Rita Arms Plaza. Starting in 1994, they have been providing physical, occupational and speech therapies in both the Rita Arms clinic and in the patient’s home. Therapies are provided to patients of all ages for various medical,musculoskeletal or neurological diagnoses. New Steps Rehab accepts Medicare, Highmark Blue Cross, Auto, Worker’s Compensation and other medical insurances.

Physical Therapy for women includes treatment of incontinence or pelvic pain, as well as the Pink Ribbon Program to assist women after a mastectomy or lumpectomy to regain function of their arm while preventing lymphedema.

New Steps Rehab offers several wellness programs. These include: (1) general fitness programs in the home to help one maintain a functional level of independence and (2) Pilates, to increase core strength, flexibility and balance. These can be held in small groups or private sessions.

New Steps Rehab is a Direct Access provider of Physical Therapy. This means that consumers may obtain physical therapy without needing to see a physician or to have a prescription. Direct Access is dependent upon the type of insurance. New Steps Rehab can help to determine if you qualify.

For further information, please contact Peggy Bianchi at 724-861-6001.