Taking a different direction…

Margaret “Peggy” Bianchi has chosen to close the doors on New Steps Rehab BUT anyone who knows her also is aware that if she closes one, she opens another. Peggy will continue the Pilates classes under Inner Strength Yoga, in the Rita’s Plaza.

She was a Board Member of EABA from 1999 – 2002, and she believed in the Student of the Month program. Peggy was adamant about the criteria needed and she introduced the importance of the G.P.A. and Class Rank for the students to share with the Board in 2000. Most of the Board said it was a great idea, a few wanted to think about it and one “little grey haired lady” asked WHY. (I think she is still on the board)!!

Our good wishes go to Peggy and we hope she knows there is always an open invitation for her to attend our EABA meetings.